Our second hike: Elgol clifftop walk to Camsunary Bay?

On Tuesday we woke up early again for our second hike. Glen gets oatmeal and I get eggs. This morning while we are getting dressed (no, we aren't faster yet), its hailing. Bernard stays at the b and b today.

Today is a single lane hike for 6 miles. Much of it is on the edge of a mountain with a narrow path. Glen isn't happy - vertigo sets in. We are hiking on the cliff edge with the wind blowing, rain, hail, and sleet. Much of our path becomes a stream. My clothes stayed dry except for my fleece gloves and my feet. Next time, I'm getting waterproof boots which others say really do work, even when the water is deep.

We found a place to stop for lunch with a land mound on one side to protect us from the wind. You need the wind protection or else you get very, very cold. While we were eating lunch, we had sheep come around the side and peer at us to see what we were doing. Maybe we stole their lunch spot?

The weather continues to be challenging. Once we are off the mountain and by the shore, we head to a boothie, a landowners building which he allows trekkers use of for protection from the elements. We stop at the boothie for a half hour to eat our cereal bars to get our energy up. We remain wet. There are some rooms in the boothie where you can sleep. The boothie is maintained by a volunteer group. A wonderful service!

After the boothie, we walk along a much easier path. We climb up a rocky path uphill. Its wide, and not on the edge of a mountain. We have stream crossings. My feet are already wet, so walking through the streams doesn't make a difference.

At the end of our hike, David goes ahead of us to get the van. We walk along a road to the ocean. We pass a house that Ian Anderson just sold. Glen, being a Jethro Tull fan, is excited. We continue to the ocean where we sit on a log on the beach waiting for David.

Back to the b and b. A hot shower feels marvelous. We stop by the grocer on the way to dinner for Glen to buy some lentil soup. He is feeling protein deprived. Then we are off to the pub to try my first whisky, an Oban single malt. I guess its an aquired taste. Whisky is supposed to taste peaty? Words we learned today:

It looks sunny, but just wait Our hike begins innocently enough And the weather changes
The sheep join us for lunch We are off the cliff. Glen is relieved. The boothie in the far distance. Run for cover!
Getting closer to cover The easy way to do a stream crossing.
Rough walking on the rocks, but Glen is happy to be of the cliffs. A piece of cake now. Grasses
Hiking on the road? The livestock have access to the roads, so sometimes grids are necessary to keep them from wandering onto someone else's property Four musketeers waiting for their ride home
Can't you just hear Aqualung coming from here? Snow on the mountains
Ben something I'm guessing Sheep on the side of the road. Interesting rock formation.
Sheep grid. Here comes the sun.