Lynn Pettipaw

Objective To work as Java programmer within a dynamic team atmosphere.
Skills Languages: Java, Swing, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, Visual C++, MFC, SQL
Tools: MyEclipse, Apache, Tomcat, DB2, MS Office
Education Coursework, September 2000 - 4.0 GPA
Java I, Java II, Object Oriented Design, Java and XML, HTML classes
New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Master of Library and Information Science, May 1994 3.8 GPA
University of Maryland, College Park
Master of Music in Clarinet, May 1992 3.7 GPA
Indiana University
Bachelor of Music in Clarinet and Music Education, May 1990 3.5 GPA
Boston University
Cum Laude
Massachusetts Teacher's Certificate in Music Education

Manager, Diversified Investment Advisors 6/01 -
Paris III Loans and Withdrawals
Technical lead for a team of Java developers.
Programmer, Zedak Corp. 5/98 - 3/01
Agent Status Display
Designed a Java Swing applet that is a graphical representation of a call center room. The room layout is configurable and can support arbitrarily shaped desks and floor plans. The applet communicates with a call controller application, via http, to retrieve state changes within the room. All messages between the applet and the controller are encoded using XML. The applet includes functions that allow users to physically locate a specific call agent, determine all agents active on a given campaign, send and receive messages to one or more agents, and obtain some call statistics, as provided by the controller.
Developed a web-based, Java financial survey application using Java, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, and DB2. Produced a reusable report generation framework, in pure Java, that could be used to create custom RTF documents referencing the survey responses as provided by the financial managers. Report framework function included support for pagination, arbitrary cell layout, titles and subtitles, and footers. During the course of this work, I also directly interacted with the customer.
Scrolling Banner
Developed a Java applet for scrolling text and images across a web page. The applet periodically reads a text file and updates its contents according to the file.
Designed and wrote a C++ ATL Calendar control for accepting advertising dates. This control had many settable properties including colors, initial month to show, the number of months to show, layout, and restricted date selection ranges. Worked on the GUI of a C++ ActiveX WYSIWYG editor for creating classified ads using delta code, a specialized coding format used by the New York Times. This control allowed the user to create and edit advertisements using either the delta code editor or the WYSIWYG editor.
Junior Programmer, Matix Corp. 8/97 - 5/98
Course Designer
Developed a program for designing obstacle courses as used in the sport of dog agility. This full-featured MDI program consists of a total of 9,500 lines of Visual C++ source code. The program's object-oriented design is centered around 31 classes which encapsulate different types of obstacles, paths, obstacle numbers, and other types of shapes, which all inherit from a common abstract base class. Used the GDI API extensively, since this is a strongly graphics-oriented program. Implemented serialization using readable ASCII files to help facilitate transfer of the files over the Internet. Implemented cut and paste using both text and enhanced metafile formats. This software is now the standard course design tool used by the dog agility community. Over 1600 copies of this software product have been sold.