K Aus is a black tri aussie whose approximate birth date is 1/1/1999. I met K Aus at an ASCNE agility trial. Barbara Rogers had pulled him out of an animal shelter in West Hartford, CT, had him neutered, and brought him to the trial hoping to find a new home for him. He was 6 months old at the time. I was looking for a new companion and agility dog, so I took a look at him. He had just the temperament I was looking for, so I adopted him.


Possessing all the dog toys
Jumping on his human friends
Eating sheep poop
Doggy play-groups


AKC Novice Agility title 9/9/2000
AKC Open Agility title 10/4/2000
AKC Excellent Agility title 3/24/2001
AKC Novice JWW title 7/2/2000
AKC Open JWW title 4/24/2001
AKC Excellent JWW title
NADAC Novice Standard title 4/28/2001
NADAC Novice Gamblers title 5/5/2001
NADAC Novice Jumpers title 5/6/2001
AKC Ranked #10 Aussie in Novice Standard 2000


K Aus is now O-NATCH APD Res Q K Aus, AX, AXJ. He proves that you can have success training and competing with a rescue. K Aus has an incredible zest for life, shown in everything he does. For information on Australian Shepherds for adoption, please visit the ARPH website or The Australian Shepherd Rescue Website.